CUREE is a robot designed to explore underwater ecosystems, observe complex interactions between the organisms that live there and their habitats, and use these observations in real-time to adapt its behavior as an intelligent partner for marine science.  As a compact system designed to be deployed and operated by teams as small as a single person, CUREE can be taken anywhere in the world in checked luggage on commercial airlines and deployed without a need for significant supporting infrastructure.  In experiments in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we demonstrated how CUREE can be used to study coral reefs, by combining audio and visual observations of a coral reef to infer the preferred habitat of snapping shrimp, or by tracking a barracuda as it hunts above a reef.

Girdhar, Y., McGuire, N., Cai, L., Jamieson, S., McCammon, S., Claus, B., San Soucie, J. E., Todd, J. E., & Mooney, T. A. (2023). CUREE: A Curious Underwater Robot for Ecosystem Exploration. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.