We conducted robot field trials in USVI from Oct 17-Oct 30, 2021. The goal of the mission was to test our new robots, new robot behaviors, deploy acoustic sensors, and collect samples, all aimed at improving our capability to monitor coral reefs and understanding the impact of climate change. Our team is a diverse mix of  roboticists, biologists, and ecologists, all united over the common theme saving the reefs.

WARPASV is the surface robot we use connect to the WARPAUV. Here it is being tested in Lameshur Bay.
WARPAUV exploring a coral reef
We deployed a hydrophone array and camera system to take long term acoustic and visual observations.
Jessica and Levi running robot ops from a small boat.
Dan, Yogi and Aran getting ready for a dive.
Nathan and Yogi deploying the robot from a boat, with John in the water.
Nathan deploying the robot off the dock.
John and Seth ballasting the VASE sensor.
Stewart and Nathan planning their WARPAUV and WARPASV deployment.
WARPLab team
The full team: (top) Nathan McGuire, John San Soucie, Stewart Jamieson, Levi Cai. (botton) Dan Yang, Nadege Aoki, Cynthia Becker, Jessica Todd, Aran Mooney, Yogi Girdhar, Justin Ossolinski