Marine robots live in a communication starved environment where autonomy is a an absolute requirement for their deployment. WARPLab is interested in the algorithmic and machine learning challenges in making autonomous exploration robots that can perceive and understand their surroundings at various levels of abstraction to plan their mission.

WARPLab is headed by Yogesh Girdhar, and is part of the Deep Submergence Laboratory (DSL), and the Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering (AOPE) department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


  • Yogesh Girdhar, PI.
  • Genevieve Flaspohler, PhD student, MIT-WHOI joint program.
  • Kevin Doherty, PhD student, MIT-WHOI joint program.
  • Naveen Tripathi, guest student, Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati.
  • Arnold Kalmbach, guest student, McGill University.


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